Tina’s first Grand Prix since the Olympics

I’ve had a busy week since the display at Donald Trumps last sunday. On Monday we took Calecto and Hindu for a long hack round the trails. Since then I’ve been working Kyra and Hindu most days and Tina has been schooling Calecto, ready for her competition today. Kyra has been really good this week and I feel I’ve achieved a lot on her, with help from Tina. She has really helped my riding since I’ve been out her and I’m really looking forward to taking my new knowledge back to my horses in England.

Me and Calecto

Hindu has also been great. Although I did have one close shave. Wile walking her around the property I thought I’d take a photo of the resident sand cranes for the website. Unfortunately as I was preparing to take the photos, something moved in the bushes. Hindu twitched, which spooked the sand cranes. Much like pheasants, they took off making quite a commotion as they flew away. This did spook Hindu. With reins in one hand and my phone in the other I was left holding on wile all four feet left the ground and she let out two big bucks. It would have been a shame to have spent all this time in America without have experienced some rodeo riding! I also spent wednesday afternoon shopping at the mall in West Palm Beach, where I joined the Ipad revolution and purchased an Ipad2.

Saturday – Tina did her first Grand Prix today since the Olympics. Its was at a show ground called White Fences in Wellington. She was using this as a warm up for the Masters, in a couple of weeks time. Calecto was a little ring rusty. That said he was a different class from all the other horses in the show. He won his class with over 71% and it was a valuable exercise in his preparation for the masters.

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