Tina leaves the boys in charge

Thursday 29th November

On Thursday I rode kyra for the first time after her long journey down to Florida. Just did a bit of easy loosening work. The remainder of the day was taken up helping Hindu, after she spiked a massive temperature. It was a reaction to the vaccine she has been given the previous day. We administered some Banamine and bathed her with masses of iced water to get her temperature under control.


Friday 30th November

Friday was my first day without Tina as she was flying to Europe to find some new horses.

I had Kyra to ride again. She felt much better after her previous days work out and I clipped Hindu. She has without any doubt the thickest coat I have ever clipped. She now looks like a proper horse and I’m sure it’ll make life in Florida far easier.

With Tina away Roger and I decided to go out to dinner at the Palm City Grill. Probably had a margarita or two too many. Roger told me about being inducted to the Canadian sports hall of fame with the boxer Lennox lewis.¬†Chatting to him about the racing is so interesting. What he doesn’t know about racing isn’t worth knowing.

Saturday 1st December

So today is Saturday. The weather, although very warm was a bit more changeable and we had some pretty heavy showers with hampered my working of the horses.

I lunged Hindu for the first time. Now with her “go faster” hair cut. She was a very good baby. I also lunged Calecto. He was most unimpressed by the whole situation. I’m sure he thinks lunging is beneath an Olympic stallion such as himself. I also rode Leo on the grass around the property. After two days of Tina riding him, he is already like a different horse. I’ve now got a week to improve him further. (Good luck Ben!!!)


Tonight I’m cooking for Roger and myself. Let’s hope neither of us have food poisoning by the time Tina gets back

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