Saturday – day 29

Thursday and friday were both good days. On thursday I lunged Hindu and Leo and I schooled Kyra then gave her owner a bit of a lesson on her.

On friday I rode Hindu. Tina watched and was very pleased with the progress that had been made since the last time she saw me a school her. In the afternoon Tina gave me lesson on Kyra. My changes are improving. I’m beginning to keep her straighter and I’m moving less in the change.


Today (Saturday). It turned pretty cold last night and I had to scrape ice off of my car’s windscreen this morning. Fortunately without a cloud in the sky it didn’t take long to warm up.







I schooled Hindu again. This time Tina was also riding Calecto in the arena at the same time. She was a really good girl. Then Kyra’s owner arrived so I schooled her again with a little help from Tina, as she was riding Leo at the same time. Then I gave Kyra’s owner some help with her again.

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