Riding the Trails

I only worked 3 of the horses yesterday. Rode Hindu in the arena, then lunged Leo. After lunch I went back and rode Calecto in the arena as well. Still so hot. I felt really battered by the time I made it home but nothing that a good margarita on the rocks couldn’t sort out.

At this stage I think I should give you a couple of American to English translations.They call a stable yard, the barn. Stables are stalls. Hacking is trail riding. A head collar is a halter and laminitis is floundering.

Today (thursday) was time to take a couple of the horses out on the trails. Tina rode Calecto. He’s the best grand prix trail horse I know. I rode Hindu. She was great and seemed really happy to be out. We had a close encounter with a Bob cat. This is a wild cat which is becoming quite rare in Florida now. The horses didn’t bat an eyelid.

 When you ride out at home, you can often ride through cobwebs in the forrest. This can also happen in Florida. However its a little more concerning as there are a number of poisonous spiders and at least 2 of them can inflict fatal bites to humans if untreated.

Tina hacking out on Calecto

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