New Year

Friday day 35. I schooled Hindu out on the grass again today. She’s such a good girl. Her canter is getting much stronger. I’ve started doing a little canter leg yield with her now. We did have one moment of excitement when Tina appeared on Calecto with the dogs. Always good to keep me on my toes. Just checking that I can still hold on when I need to.

Had a good ride on Kyra as well. Practised my canter serpentine with changes and canter pirouettes. Then did some more piaffe / passage work with Tina and Leo. This time tina rode and I helped from the floor. He’s picking it up so quickly. Tina makes the training of this look so easy.

Saturday. We were predicted storms today. It was pretty humid this morning. After getting the stables done. I rode Hindu. We had a fun day today. Just had a walk, trot and canter hack around the property, which she really enjoyed. Tina gave Calecto a good work out. Then gave Leo a bit of a schooling hack around the property. After washing the horses off I got finished pretty early and after all that the predicted storm never arrived.

Monday was a very exciting day. Not only was it new years eve but it was also my first day with help at the stables. Dana has arrived down from New Jersey. She is Tina’s new working student, I spent the day showing her the ropes. Tina and I took Calecto and Hindu for a great trial ride. Half way round, we were riding past the local elementary school, which is currently closed for the holidays. They had the perfect schooling area, on the grass in front of the school. So we stopped for a half hour schooling session on the horses. Hindu was perfect! It was also great practice for Calecto as he is doing a demonstration at Donald Trumps place in West Palm beach on grass this coming sunday.

Tina and Calecto

We arrived back at the stables. Kyra’s owner had been waiting for me. So I did a quick swap on to Kyra. I had a good session schooling her and although she was a little spooky, her owner enjoyed her lesson.

Its amazing how much easier the barn is with a second set of hand. Although we didn’t finish any earlier than normal as we had to wait for the farrier to finish shoeing Calecto and Kyra.

I had a really good evening on new year. Not only did I get to skype Fliss at midnight in england and got to say happy new year to the entire ‘Black Swan’ via skype, from behind the bar, but then I went to famous racehorse trainers, Phil and Vicky Oliver’s house for new year in Florida. Two midnights in one night. I did well!!!

Tuesday. New years day. Ouch. I think I consumed a little too much champagne last night. Fortunately the horses all had the day off so I only needed to give the horses turn out and help Dana with the barn. I spent the rest of the day floating about in the pool and watching movies.

Wednesday. Tina was teaching a young rider clinic in Wellington this morning. I had a late start. Dana did the barn. I got in to help her lunge Hindu, as she will need to be able to take over from me when I return to England.

Chilling with Roger in the hot tub

I had another good session schooling Kyra and gave her owner another short lesson on her. Then helped Dana lunge Leo. Tina returned to the stables in the afternoon to ride Calecto. Dana finished the barn wile I went out for a quick beer with Roger.

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