Gulfstream Races

I got the stables done this morning and rode Kyra. After getting the horses in and giving them lunch, I headed back to the house.

I was heading down to the Gulfstream race track with Roger. He had 2 fillies running in the 5th race. Unfortunately they had a bad draw in the outside stalls. 11 and 12. In 11 was a feisty chestnut filly in here first race and in 12 was a dark bay filly. She had raced once before but hadn’t shown that much. Both were going to find it difficult with the outside draw. We left just after lunch, for the hour and a half drive down to Gulfstream in Miami. On arrival we valet parked the car and headed to the bar for a quick cocktail. Then we headed to the stalls. To saddle up the two fillies. Both were looking good. In the parade ring, Roger introduced me to the two jockeys before giving them some last minute instructions and legging them up.

We headed to the grandstand to watch the race. The Chestnut filly in 11 showed well, finishing in 3rd which was a great result from the outside draw. The bay filly didn’t finish so well. But on the whole Roger was happy with his horses performances.

After a quick bit to eat, we hit the road for the journey home. Roger had drank a few cocktails by this time so with red bull in hand, I took the wheel of Rogers Lexus for the drive home. Unfortunately so did the rest of Florida and the hour and a half journey took much, much longer.

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