Day 18

Now I know I’m not going to get any sympathy from you guys back home but the heat and humidity out here is getting crazy. I’m soaking wet from the time I leave the house until I’ve got back home and had my shower in the evening.

I got the stables and turn outs done this morning and rode Hindu. Then Tina and I went to her brother’s stables, which is just down the road from Tina’s property. Tina’s brother, Randy is a show jump rider and trainer but he has a really nice chestnut youngster into sell for a client. Its a Sandro Hit youngster over 17hh and rising 4.

He rode it first, then I had a little go on it. Being more of a dressage horse, Tina was looking at it as a project horse for herself.

When we got back to Tina’s stables, she rode Calecto and gave me some help with Leo. Then she gave me a lesson on Kyra. Kyra’s owner had just arrived down from Connecticut and she watched the lesson.


I was working on similar work as yesterday. In canter, I was doing half pass to the centre line and three changes on the diagonal. In trot, I did a little shoulder in, travers, half pass and medium trot.

By this time I was cooked and Tina is still feeling rough from her European trip so we got the stables finished up and headed home.

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