Day 17 – Lessons with Tina

Sunday was my first day not riding since I’ve been over here. Tina and I went to do the stables first thing. Tina mucked out wile I turned out and did hay and water. As Tina said I was too slow mucking out! All the horses were back in and washed off by lunchtime which gave us the afternoon to relax and do a little shopping. We had friends over of a meal in the evening. Its great being able to sit outside and eat by the pool.

Today (Monday) I had my first proper lesson from Tina since I’ve been over here. I was riding Kyra. Really helpful. I really need to get my right shoulder unlocked. Its so helpful to be having lessons on a ready made horse where I can work on myself wile riding all the advanced movements.

I also rode Hindu. She’s such a good baby and she’s improving everyday. Tina rode Calecto and Leo. Watching her train Calecto is such a great insighit to producing horses to the highest level. Calecto really is the nicest stallion your ever meet. He has such a great nature.

The heat and humidity here at the moment is crazy. The high was 85 today with 90% humidity. That’s hot!

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