Day 15

Friday was my last day without Tina. I just had the 3 to work. I schooled all 3. Calecto and Kyra in the arena and Leo on the grass.

Tina’s flight was delayed because of the snow in Amsterdam so she didn’t get back until nearly midnight.

Today I got up, got the stables done. Then rode Leo on the grass again and Calecto had a quick lunge.

After going back to the house for a spot of lunch. I went back to the stables for tina to watch me ride Hindu. She was please with the progress that had been made in the past week.

The farrier turned up to do Calecto and trim Trixie the donkey. The farriers charge in excess of $300 to do the dressage horses. That’s about £200 per set. Let’s hope the farriers in England don’t get any ideas.

I had two close calls with the local wildlife today. Firstly, wile riding Leo on the grass. He spooked, for what I thought was no apparent reason. At which time a 2’6″ black snake quickly made his way across the grass in front of me. It stopped, took a look up at the horse before quickly making his way across the schooling area. I’m told these black snakes are known as garden snakes and are perfectly harmless but Leo didn’t want to take any chances.

I was driving back for lunch when I had my second close encounter. The car in front of me suddenly swerved onto the other side of the road. In the middle of the road. Not more than 10m in front of me was a giant turtle, oblivious to the oncoming traffic. I followed the car I was following, in taking evasive action to avoid the turtle and he happily continued on his was.


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  1. A turtle crossing? That’s hilarious. Do they have warning signs with pictures of turtles on them instead of deer?!!
    Great blog Ben (and Fliss!) x

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