Day 13

Roger leaves for work at 5.00 every morning to go to the track. At which time since Tina has been in Europe the dogs have started to riot. As most of you will know, I’m not great in the morning, so the quickest was for me to get back to sleep is to let them in with me. As you can see there is a small problem with this. I no longer fit in my bed.

Dog invasion

It was another really hot day today. I was on a mission. I got the stables done in extra quick time then moved on to exercising them. Hindu was first. I lunged her then rode her again. She was a little lively on the lunge but had settled by the time I got on. She felt far more confident than yesterday and I was really pleased with her. I the moved on to Calecto. He was great, as aways. I don’t think I’m going to give him back to Tina when she gets back. Think I’ll keep him for myself. Then following his day off yesterday Leo had a quick lunge. I’m sure he’s done a lot of lunging in the past as he was perfect.


I got all those guys washed off. Calecto’s favourite pass time is getting as dirty as possible in the field.

That just left me with Kyra to school. She is such a good girl and having the mirrors is really helping me fine tune my movements. I’m now very excited to have lessons on her with Tina, when she gets back.

You may have seen the picture of Anoushka in an earlier blog. Also in the picture was her donkey Trixie. Now Trixie may look like the sweetest thing on four legs but do not be fooled. She is like the devils reincarnate. I can’t leave anything for a second. If its edible and she can get to it, she will. She can single handedly trash the place in a matter of minutes. Anoushka is Tina’s old PSG horse. She was the first horse I rode at Tina’s and is also the dam of Bentley. I broke Bentley in for Tina a number of years ago now. Anoushka is now in her 30′s and convinced the donkey is her latest foal.


I was finished relatively early this evening. This gave me time to head to Ruby Tuesdays to get a take out for dinner. Always a good excuse to get a margarita wile I waited.

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