Day 12

Tuesday was another busy day at the stables. Hindu was lunged again as did Calecto. I rode Leo on the grass and he was a very good boy again.

Wednesday was the hottest day yet. Great for the suntan but it makes work a lot harder.

After getting the stables done. I tacked Hindu up and took her out to the arena to lunge. Her lunging is getting pretty good now although she still doesn’t find the canter that easy. Then I got on her for the first time. She has already been backed for Western riding but she took to English style like a duck to water. Her trot work was great and the canter wasn’t bad in the arena but she was a little unsure when I took her to walk off round the property. She’ll be fine after a little hacking.

Calecto was next. He did his 30 minutes walking round the property then went into the arena for 20 minutes for a bit of trot and canter work.

The day ended with a pizza delivery and American X Factor. Night check was a little late as X Factor didn’t finish until 10pm

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