Congratulations to Anna,Sophie & Lucy in their first British Dressage competition

Another amazing day for the students of Team Liles Equestrian. Congratulations to Anna Elford, Sophie Elford and Lucy Buckwell for their results in their first British Dressage competition.


Prelim 15
Anna Elford received 64.35% in the NQ and came 5th on Le Coer de Leon. Lucy Buckwell also received 64.35% and came 3rd in the qualifier on Glendelough III. Sophie Elford received 66.09% in the NQ and came 2nd on Buntings Baby.

Prelim 19
Sophie received 69.55% placed 3rd in the NQ. Anna received 70% and was placed 2nd in the same section. Lucy received 74.09% and was placed 1st in the qualifying section.

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