23rd – All the horses had the day off today. I did the barn this morning and gave the horses a couple of hours turn out. Brought them in, gave them a bath then I hit the mall. Two days before christmas. It was crazy but I got what I needed to and after a quick stop in at the house. I headed back to finish the barn. Finishing off only takes 45mins, so it wasn’t long before I returned to the house for a cold beer. All that christmas shopping is thirsty work.

Christmas Eve. We took Calecto and Hindu out for a nice ride round the trails. When we arrived back at the barn Kyra’s owner had arrived so I turned Hindu out and got Kyra tacked up. Schooled her a little then gave her owner a lesson on her.

Christmas day was a none riding day. So I got the horses done early then went back to the house. Got changed, opened presents and after skypiing my family back in england. We headed out to the marina where Rogers boat is kept and took the boat out. It was such a beautiful day. It was great to be out on the water. 















We arrived home. I went back to the barn to put the horses to bed and Tina got our christmas dinner ready. There were 8 of us in total. The food was great and the drink was plentiful. Just how christmas should be.

The horses were back in action on boxing day but Leo had pulled a shoe in the field and got himself the day off. All the rest of them except Calecto lunged. Tina gave Calecto a loosening schooling session and after the farrier came to put Leo’s shoe back on, we got the stables finished early.

Thursday. All the horses were back in action today. I got the stables done early then we headed to downtown Stuart for breakfast. I got back to the stables just before 11am. Rode Kyra. Schooled Hindu on the grass for the first time. She was a little wobbly at first but soon got the idea.

Tina came over in the afternoon and gave me some help with Leo in the school. Then we did some piaffe and passage work with me riding and she was helping from the floor. Then she gave me a lesson on Calecto. After warming him up in walk, trot and Canter. She helped me ride a couple of canter pirouettes. Its not everyday you get to work on movements on an Olympic horse. Very lucky!!!

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