…and some show jumping at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club

The Mar a Lago Club

The show jump arena









Sunday. Today I went with Tina to the Mar A Lago club, Palm beach owned by Donald Trump for the Trump invitational show jump Grand Prix. Tina was doing a dressage demonstration between the first round and the jump off of the $100,000 show jump competition.

That’s how close we were to the water

We arrived at Mar A Lago with Calecto at 12.30. We parked next to the show jump warm up arena. Mar A Lago is set on an island on the Atlantic coast of Florida. The marquees were set up over looking the show jump arena and the water. The arena was tight even for the show jumpers. For a dressage rider attempting to do a display around the jumps there was very little space.

Tina and Calecto getting ready to perform









Donald Trump arrived in on his helicopter and walked past us to take his place at his table in the marquee. The seats in the marquee were $12,000 per person.

Me and Calecto

I watched the first round with the riders on bench seats beside the arena. As the session was drawing to a close I went round to get Calecto ready and help Tina get on. She warmed up with the jumpers in the warm up arena. Something that most dressage horses wouldn’t have coped with, but for Calecto this was no problem. The last jumper left the arena and Tina made her entrance. I stood on the water side of the arena directly opposite Donald Trump to video Tina’s display. It was a massive success. The atmosphere was electric and Calecto was amazing. Tina as ever, the performer. Improvising an amazing display in the limited space around the jumps.

After his performance, we got Calecto untacked. Got his ice boots on and walked him over to the wash off area. Even this was next to the tennis courts over looking the water. After his wash I walked around the warm up area and marquee to dry off. He was a true celebrity. He really does know how amazing he is and spent a lot of time posing for photos with his fans

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